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  • Castbox for Podcasts - Castbox for Podcasts Castbox lets you listen to podcasts no matter what platform you’re using. If you’re switching platforms, you may be looking for a new podcast player. Castbox lets you create an account so that you can listen to your podcasts on any device. This is very useful if you’re switching mobile phone platforms. […]
  • How the Internet Works - Do you know how the Internet works, or what WiFi stands for? Learn this and more from this handy infographic from Frontier Communications.
  • Spectre/Meltdown - Spectre and Meltdown are two massive¬†security vulnerabilities found in smartphone chips. If you have any devices with a processor, you’re likely affected by these vulnerabilities. Desktops, laptops, cloud computers, smartphones and some internet of things devices are all affected.¬† The vulnerability makes use of a feature of modern processors, called speculative execution. Security experts do […]