Do you get flustered and frustrated when trying to use your computer, tablet or smart phone? Do all the new words and different tools confuse you? Do you just wish you could call someone for help? Get the help that you need!

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I will save you time and energy. I have many years of experience using computers and speak their language. Stop pulling your hair out and get help now.

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Get personal face-to-face help, e-mail help, or phone help. You can sign up for 1 appointment, or purchase a set. Each session lasts 1 hour.

Face-to-face Help

  • 1 session at 600 Kč
  • 3 sessions at 1600 Kč
  • 10 sessions at 5000 Kč

Help by Phone *

  • 1 session at 400 Kč
  • 3 sessions at 1100 Kč
  • 10 sessions at 3500 Kč

* Follow up sessions are 200 Kč.

Help by E-mail*

  • 3 sessions at 800 Kč
  • 5 sessions at 1200 Kč
  • 10 sessions at 2300 Kč

*Usually reserved for quick questions and fixes

Schedule a session by using the contact form.

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“Damianne is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and very patient!” – Dec. 11, 2017

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