A Great Image for Every Project

How can you find the perfect image for your blog post, invitation, presentation, etc? Let’s explore three options.

Create a Fabulous Image

If you’re artistically inclined, you can create the perfect image. Get some props and a camera (your phone will do) and take a photo that suits the theme. Or if you prefer, you can draw an image on paper and take a photo of it, or use an online tool like Google Drawings to create a picture.

Images in the Public Domain

Some of us are less artistically inclined. Thankfully, there are several websites with images for personal or commercial use. My favourite is Unsplash. Images from Unsplash do not require citations, but they are welcome.

Creative Commons Search

Still looking for the right image? You have a good chance of finding one from the 300 million images indexed by Creative Commons. Use Creative Commons Search to filter images by use, license and provider. The images are indexed from 19 providers. Each image has a license that tells you under what conditions you can use the image. There is also an option to copy a citation in rich text or HTML.

Your Choice

There are many other sites for free, good quality images online. If you have a favorite, please share it in the comments.

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