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Start a Creation with .new

You can use .net to quickly create a new document or file on many sites. Or if you have an idea, you can register a new domain at Create a Google Document You can create a Google document with,, and Try it out to create a document, form, Keep note,… Continue reading Start a Creation with .new


Optimize Your Business Website — Kathryn Presner Two weeks ago, my colleague Marjorie asked if I’d be interested in helping run a webinar for small businesses, with tips on getting the most out of their website. She knew I’d done a lot of public speaking and thought I might be interested. Even though we wouldn’t have a lot of time to… Continue reading Optimize Your Business Website — Kathryn Presner

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Build your Digital Presence with a Website

Today, in just over an hour, two of my colleagues are offering a live webinar to help you build a digital presence. If you want to learn how to promote your brand or business online, join the free session. It doesn't matter if you already have a website or are trying to build your first… Continue reading Build your Digital Presence with a Website

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Your Off-Facebook Activity

What is Your Off-Facebook Activity Did you know that when you're logged into Facebook, visiting other websites can give information back to Facebook? This information is from sites and apps that use Facebook Pixel, the Facebook SDK and Facebook Login. When you check your activity, these are some of the information that you'll see: where… Continue reading Your Off-Facebook Activity