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Save all your Photos in One Place

Photos Google Photos (2)It’s likely that you have a camera with you every where you go, as a feature of your phone or smart phone. It’s a good idea to save your photos from your device to a cloud service. There are several motivations for you to do this:

  • to be able to delete the photos that you uploaded from your device to free up space on it;
  • to be able to access your photos from any device;
  • to share photos with friends and/or family;
  • to back up photos from your device so that that they are saved if your device is broken, lost or stolen.

I save my photos to my laptop, backup my iPhone to iCloud, and save photos in Google Photos. Google Photos is my iCloud solution that works on my Windows laptop, my Macbook and my iPhone. I use it for sharing photos with friends and family, as well as a backup of my photos. To use Google photos, you need a Google account, which you have if you have a gmail address. Then install Google Photos  on your Android or iOS device, or on your Mac or Windows machine, or access Google Photos on the web. Once you have the app installed, you can setup Backup and Sync for Google Photos on your device.  You can decide whether or not to backup photos only when you’re on WIFI, or also when you’re using cellular data. You have to be connected to the Internet to upload to or download from Google Photos, but you can browse your existing photos in Google Photos even if you’re not connected to the Internet.

Note that if you set the quality of your photos to high in Google Photos, your uploads do not count towards your available storage limits. This means that you can save an unlimited number of high quality images (up to 16 mega-pixel) and videos (up to 1080p), which is of high enough quality for people who access multimedia in digital formats, or who print regular sized images.

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