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Your Off-Facebook Activity

What is Your Off-Facebook Activity Did you know that when you're logged into Facebook, visiting other websites can give information back to Facebook? This information is from sites and apps that use Facebook Pixel, the Facebook SDK and Facebook Login. When you check your activity, these are some of the information that you'll see: where… Continue reading Your Off-Facebook Activity

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Spring Cleaning for Your Computer

When was the last time you cleaned your computer or other device? Cleaning your computer is an important step in maintenance, and includes tidying the storage, updating software, and cleaning the physical device. Clean the Hardware First off, turn off your computer and unplug it from power. If you have a case on the laptop,… Continue reading Spring Cleaning for Your Computer

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Be Safe Online

This site is great for staying safer online. It provides a list of recommendations to use the Internet more safely. There are suggestions for managing your passwords, data encryption, virtual private networks, online privacy, app permissions, social media settings, email security, phishing, software updates. Are any of those words new to you? The checklist includes… Continue reading Be Safe Online