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Castbox for Podcasts

Castbox for Podcasts

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Castbox lets you listen to podcasts no matter what platform you’re using. If you’re switching platforms, you may be looking for a new podcast player. Castbox lets you create an account so that you can listen to your podcasts on any device. This is very useful if you’re switching mobile phone platforms.

Features of Castbox

The free version of Castbox allows a maximum of 100 subscriptions. Other features include

  • History to see what you’ve listened to
  • Install a lock screen player
  • Automatically delete completed episodes from playlist
  • Automatically delete played episodes from Downloads in 1 hour
  • Change the playback speed up from 0.5x – 3.0x
  • Sleep timer

Castbox offers cross platform support for iOS, Android, Amazon echo and desktop. Get it here.

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