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Your Off-Facebook Activity

What is Your Off-Facebook Activity

Did you know that when you’re logged into Facebook, visiting other websites can give information back to Facebook? This information is from sites and apps that use Facebook Pixel, the Facebook SDK and Facebook Login.

When you check your activity, these are some of the information that you’ll see:

  • where Facebook got your info from
  • number of interactions received
  • activity from apps and websites where you’ve logged in with Facebook
  • data from marketing agencies and other third parties

According to Facebook, they don’t collect any sensitive information through these connections. The main way that Facebook uses this information is for ads. Learn more here.

How to Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity

If you wish, you can disconnect your off-Facebook activity. This will also make ads a bit less personalized but won’t reduce them. You may also need to re-login to apps/sites where you use login with Facebook. For instructions and the full guide, see this page.

Featured image credit: unsplash-logoKon Karampelas

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