Convert pdfs and images to text using OCR in Google Drive
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Convert Images to Text using Google Drive

Have you ever wanted to convert an image to text? Perhaps you’ve had a printed document that you wanted to recreate on the computer? Or maybe you’ve wanted to extract the text from an image or screenshot. You can use Google Drive to convert .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, or PDF files to text, as long is the file is 2MB or smaller. You can even use this process as the first step if you want to translate the text in an image to a different language. The OCR in Google Drive is quite amazing, but does have some limitations. The format of your document will determine how accurate the conversion is. Formatting such as bold, italics, font size, font type and line breaks generally convert well with common fonts. Lists, tables, footnotes and endnotes are less successful. Next time you want to extract text from an image, follow these steps:
  1. Upload the image to Google Drive
  2. Click on the image, and open it in Google Docs
  3. You’re done! Format the text as you like, or translate it to another language.
GIF showing the steps to convert an image to text in Google Drive

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