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Send Emails to Multiple People with Privacy

Do you sometimes need to email multiple people? Unless you all know each’s email address, it’s best to protect the privacy of recipients by using BCC.

What is BCC?

BCC stands for blind carbon copy, a throwback to the days when we used carbon copy to make duplicates of documents offline. It lets you send an email to multiple people, keeping the address of the recipients private.

Regardless of the email provider that you use, there is likely an option to use BCC. I generally send the email to myself and put all the recipients in the BCC field.

Important Considerations

If you have a large number of email addresses, generally 50 or more, some of your messages may bounce. Email sent using the BCC feature may also be marked as spam automatically by mail servers. If you regularly email a large number of people, you may want to use mailing list software instead of BCC.

Feature image attribution: “Carbon-Paper_Indigo_22918-480″ Flickr photo by Public Domain Photos shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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